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8th Lope de Vega Conference

Laura Fernández



8th Lope de Vega Conference, december 10th, 11th and 12th, 2015


First Circular

The years during which Lope de Vega's dramatic activity takes place constitute a crucial period in the history of European theatre and need to be taken into joint consideration from comparatist perspectives. In this 8th PROLOPE's conference, we intend to propose a dialogue between the Spanish tradition and other national dramas (especially the Italian, English, French and Portuguese), each with its own pace, modalities and realizations, and at the same time to appropriately place Lope's dramatic production into the European context of his time. This broad theme comprehends a wide variety of questions: studies about traditional matters of influence, common or reciprocal (translations included); formal, thematic or ideological analyses showing continuity or fractures among different plays and traditions, with Lope's comedias as one of the axes; considerations on comparative dramatic subgenres and their theorisation; contributions on the features of theatrical spaces and theatre companies; approaches to the reception and understanding of plays by audiences in different countries; examinations of national peculiarities in the material configuration and circulation of dramatic manuscripts and printed books. As usual, PROLOPE will invite several weelknwn international experts to deliver plenary talks on the main subject of the conference. Those interested in giving an oral presentation should submit a 330-word abstract, along with the author's name, before May 5th, 2015 to PROLOPE. Presentations and abstracts will be accepted in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. The organizing committee will evaluate all proposals and will notify authors before July 1st, 2015. All participants are invited to submit their texts for publication in article form to Anuario Lope de Vega. Texto, literatura, cultura (revistes.uab.cat/ anuariolopedevega). Submitted articles will be assessed according with the journal criteria. The speaker fee -50¤- and the attendant fee -30¤- will be paid during the event. In both cases, the personal data of all those interested (name, postal and email addresses, telephone number, etc.) will be submitted to the conference email address. In a later circular, we will include information about academic credits, as well as the provisional program of the conference.


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